• changjiang
    Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

    As a world-class business school from China, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) aims to develop current and future leaders with a global vision, a humanitarian spirit and an innovative mind-set. Established in Beijing in November 2002 with generous support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, CKGSB is China’s first faculty-governed, non-profit, independent business school.

    China Europe International Business School

    CEIBS is mainland China’s leading business school, with three programmes globally ranked by the Financial Times. CEIBS was established on November 8, 1994 in Shanghai. Based on its own campus in the Pudong district of Shanghai, the school is a not-for-profit joint venture established under an agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation (MOFTEC, now called The Ministry of Commerce) and the European Commission.

  • guanghua
    Guanghua School of Management Peking University

    Grounded in the rich cultural legacy of Peking University, Guanghua School of Management is at the forefront of China’s social and economic progress. Our mission extends beyond business or management. We are an institution comprised of scholars, pioneers, and innovators.We are determined to advance management knowledge and cultivate leaders. We are dedicated to the betterment of China and the global society.

  • NUS
    National University of Singapore

    We started out as a modest medical school in 1905, founded by a determined group of businessmen led by Tan Jiak Kim, to serve the needs of the local community. Today, we are Singapore’s flagship university consistently ranked among the top two universities in Asia and top 25 in the world.

  • HSBC
    Peking University HSBC Business School

    Founded in 1898, Peking University was originally known as the Imperial University of Peking. It was the first national university covering comprehensive disciplines in China, and has been a leading institution of higher education in China since its establishment. It also served as the highest administration for education at the beginning of its founding.

  • zjuEMB
    School of Management Zhejiang University

    Located in the historical and picturesque city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang University is a prestigious institution of higher education with a long history. Qiushi Academy, the predecessor of Zhejiang University, was founded in 1897 and was one of the earliest modern academies of higher learning established in China.

  • shanghaijiaotong
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), as one of the higher education institutions which enjoy a long history and a world-renowned reputation in China, is a key university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the People's Republic of China and co-constructed by MOE and Shanghai Municipal Government. Through 119 years' unremitting efforts, SJTU has become a comprehensive, research-oriented, and internationalized top university in China.

  • hongkong-tech
    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    A dynamic, international research university, in relentless pursuit of excellence, leading the advance of science, technology, business and humanities, and educating the new generation of front-runners for the world. Since its official opening in October 1991, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has established itself as an intellectual powerhouse, energizing the community’s transformation into a knowledge-based society, and securing a place on the academic world map in record-breaking time.

  • Tsinghua-SEM
    Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management

    For over twenty years Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management has been growing fast along with the reform, opening-up and development of the Chinese economy.  Today we continue to strive for building a world-class school of economics and management.  The School benefits from the synergy of bringing two academic disciplines of economics and management into one institution.

  • xiamenu
    Xiamen University

    Since its founding, in 1921, Xiamen University has produced more than 200,000 undergraduates and graduates over 60 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) have studied or worked at Xiamen University.

  • From 13th to 23rd June of 2018, ARF Junior Rowing Training Camp was successfully held in Chungju city, Korea before the 2018 Asian Rowing Junior Championships. 1 2 Experienced coaches were invited from FISA to lecture the training camp, Tony Carr from Canada and Chronis from Greece together with Jacques from Netherland and Korean national coach Mr.Kim. There were totally 43 participants from 9 NFs financially supported by ARF taking part in the training camp. 3 6 8 11 During the training camp, each day the participants will have on water training and indoor lecture. All the junior rowers has improved a lot on their rowing skills and boat rigging. The lectures will not just tell them what to do on water but also analyse their actions one by one. Ech day after dinner, team building games were organized for youth athletes, such as dance party, basketball, football, volleyball, so that all the athletes can relax and enjoy themselves during the play. 13 17 18 19 21 22 25 Doctor Mikio, Chair of ARF Sports Medicine Committee and Doctor Han, Chair of Para Rowing Committee delivered a lecturer on Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping Control for participants of ARF Junior Training Camp and ARF Para Rowing Training Camp in the morning of 23rd. 26 27 According to the feedbacks of the participants, the 2018 ARF Junior Training Camp has made great outcomes and all the participants has improved and enjoyed during their stay in Chungju. It is believed with the increasing participation of young generation, Asian rowing will have a bright future.  

  • From 13th to 23rd June of 2018, for the development of Para-rowing in Asia, 2018 ARF Para-rowing Training Camp was held in Chungju city, Korea. 1 2 In this camp, 13 para-rowing athletes and coaches participated. Besides the daily training on water and ergo, competitions on water and ergo were also held in order to prepare for the para rowing events in 2018 Asian Cup II. 3 4 9 Doctor Mikio, Chair of ARF Sports Medicine Committee and Doctor Han, Chair of Para Rowing Committee delivered a lecturer on Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping Control for participants of ARF Junior Training Camp and ARF Para Rowing Training Camp in the morning of 23rd June 2018. 10 12 All the para rowers enjoyed the training camp under the supervision of the head coach Madame Lee Jaenam and learnt a lot about rowing skills. After the training camp, they also participated in the 2018 Asian Cup II for the para events. 13 14 It is believed that even though Asian para-rowing is still in the early stage of development, with the joint effort of ARF and all the participants in ARF Para-Rowing Training Camp, this amazing event will bring more happiness to para-rowing athletes throughout Asia.

  • The 2018 Asian Rowing Cup I was succeesfully held in Singapore from 26th, 29th April 2018. There were total of 132 Athletes participated in this Championships.   8 Beautiful Rowing Venue   5 Opening Ceremony   19 Handler at the Starter   11 Medal Ceremony   24 Warming Up before Racing   23  Training    30 Attention, Go   32 Grouping Photo of ITOs  

  • 2018 ASIAN GAMES JURY Accreditation Required Info.docx Sport Uniforms Form and Size Chart


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