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  • From 15th to 17th December, 2017, the 2017 Asian Rowing Coastal Championships was successfully held at Shenzhen, China. Totally 73 athletes from 10 National Federations participated in this first Asian Rowing Coastal Championships ever held in history.   1 Overview of Venue   2 10 NFs Participating   After 3 racing days, the team of THA stood out from the fierce competitions and won 4 gold medals out of total 6, while CHN won the other 2. 3 Opening Ceremony. 4 Exciting Race   As was the first time Coastal Championships held in Asia, participants were all excited by the Beach Rowing Sprint format and speeding great time racing and having fun on the beautiful beach of Dameisha, Shenzhen, China. 5Rower Rushing to Finish 6 Rowing Back to Shore Legend happened when the Men's Double Sculls crew from THA broke one of their oars in the middle of their Heats, still they made it to the finish and defeat their opponent. It was touching to see the two rowers hugging with each other while their teammates and rowers from other teams cheering for them. 7 Rowers Hugging with Each Other 8 Attention. Go!   Due to the strong wind, low temperature and sheer shore, this first-in-history Championships met many challenges. However, as all the participants were very cooperative, the OC finally managed to overcome all the difficulties, which presents not just the spirit of competition, but also the spirit of gentleness and consideration for the others. There is no doubt that with these great spirits, the coastal rowing will take off soon around Asia! 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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  • From 18th to 22nd October, 2017 President Wang Shi was invited to two world famous universities, the University of Michigan and the Harvard University successively and give speeches at both of the universities. At the call of President Wang Shi, both universities set up their Chinese Rowing Teams.   45 President giving speech to the University of Michigan students 1 President exchanged the silk banner with the newly established the University of Michigan Chinese Rowing Team 2 President trained and took friendship races with crews from local rowing club 1 President giving speech at the Harvard University 2 President sent the ARF silk banner to the Harvard University 3 Grouping photo with the Harvard University students   From 21st to 22nd October, President also attended and competed in the 53rd Head Of The Charles Regatta. He took part in the Eight and the Quadruple Sculls and successfully finished both of the races.   2 President with the Quadruple Sculls crew 1 President carrying the boat 3 President cheering with the crew   With two more world famous universities set up their Chinese rowing teams, President now has a plan to learn the experience from The Boat Race and organize a regatta among the Chinese rowing teams of four universities, including the Oxford, the Cambridge, the Michigan and the Harvard, firstly in 2018. This will definitely make great contribution to the promotion of the rowing sport in the future.


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