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  • From 18th to 22nd October, 2017 President Wang Shi was invited to two world famous universities, the University of Michigan and the Harvard University successively and give speeches at both of the universities. At the call of President Wang Shi, both universities set up their Chinese Rowing Teams.   45 President giving speech to the University of Michigan students 1 President exchanged the silk banner with the newly established the University of Michigan Chinese Rowing Team 2 President trained and took friendship races with crews from local rowing club 1 President giving speech at the Harvard University 2 President sent the ARF silk banner to the Harvard University 3 Grouping photo with the Harvard University students   From 21st to 22nd October, President also attended and competed in the 53rd Head Of The Charles Regatta. He took part in the Eight and the Quadruple Sculls and successfully finished both of the races.   2 President with the Quadruple Sculls crew 1 President carrying the boat 3 President cheering with the crew   With two more world famous universities set up their Chinese rowing teams, President now has a plan to learn the experience from The Boat Race and organize a regatta among the Chinese rowing teams of four universities, including the Oxford, the Cambridge, the Michigan and the Harvard, firstly in 2018. This will definitely make great contribution to the promotion of the rowing sport in the future.

  • In order to promote rowing sport and enhance the professional technique of event organization, ARF hosted an Events Workshop in Singapore on 9th October. For the development of Junior Rowing in Asia, from 27th September to 7th October, 2017 ARF Junior Rowing Training Camp was held in Singapore before the 2017 Asian Rowing Junior Championships and YOG Qualification Regatta. 图片1 Head coach Mr. Axel Mueller giving lecture The 2017 ARF Junior Training Camp was combined with Olympics Solidarity and FISA Youth Training Camp. 5 experienced coaches were invited from FISA to lecture the training camp, Axel Mueller (Head Coach), Sevara Ganiyeva, Kenny Chan, Shahid Nazir and Mehdi Garidi. There were totally 34 participants from 11 NFs financially supported by ARF taking part in the training camp.图片2 Youth athletes participating the training camp 图片3On-water training After first days of intensive rigging sessions, boats were ready for the daily training under the guidance of the FISA Coaches who distributed the athletes in different groups, based on their technical level. The training program included an initial theoretical technique session followed by technical sessions on the water and video analysis. Progressively higher strokes rates and distance pieces were introduced as preparation for the upcoming competition. 图片4 Mr. Axel Mueller coaching the skills on ergometers 图片5 Coaches instructing on the technical skills There was also an OVEP(Olympic Value Education Programme ) Session conducted by the three FISA coaches Sevara Ganyieva, Mehdi Garidi and Kenny Chang, to transmit the Olympic Values to the young athletes as part of the IOC educational program. 图片6 OVEP(Olympic Value Education Programme ) Session 图片7Participants having a great experience in the OVEP Session Few rowers were beginners and most of them already had good experiences and will compete for the following Championships. All the participants enjoyed the training camp with the guide of coaches and made progress in strength, skills and experience about rowing. At the same time, they made new friends, learned sportsmanship and gained fun during OVEP. 图片8 Enjoyable training session 图片9 Athletes enjoying the session   It is believed that juniors are the future for the development of rowing sports and hope ARF training camp will encourage more juniors to participate in rowing and help improve their competitive performance. With the joint effort, this amazing training camp will bring more happiness to junior rowing athletes throughout Asia. Special thanks are given to OC, Singapore Rowing Association for organizing and supporting the training camp with full heart. 图片10 Group photo of all the participants 图片11 Get ready for the On-water training 图片12 Technical training on ergos 图片13On-water training in the course 图片14 Ergo training in the the OVEP Session

  • In order to promote rowing sport and enhance the professional technique of event organization, ARF hosted an Events Workshop in Singapore on 9th October. ARF invited Mr. Matt Draper, member of FISA Events Commission to lecture the workshop. 11 participants from 9 national federations joined in the workshop. 图片1 Mr. Matt Draper lecturing the Events Workshop 图片2 Participants of the Workshop studying in the meeting room In the morning of 9th October, the workshop was held in hotel meeting room from 9:00 to 12:30 for theory part and in the afternoon, all participants went to venue and had a site visit of the coming 2017 Asian Rowing Junior Championships and YOG Qualification Regatta. 图片3 Participants taking site visit in the venue of 2017 Asian Rowing Junior Championships and YOG Qualification Regatta 图片4 Mr. Matt Draper instructing during the site visit Combining theory and practice, participants learned systematic and vivid knowledge of how to prepare and organize a regional, national, continental and even an international rowing regatta.   图片5 Ongoing Workshop 图片6 图片7 Participants of the Workshop 图片8 图片9 Grouping photo


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