Wang Shi October 25, 2014 Dear ARF Members, On the first day of my new term as the President of ARF, I would like to express my sincere thanks for you trust and support. As I promised in my election speech, I will devote myself to advancing rowing movement in Asia together with all of you. I care about the demand of our members for help from ARF. I will be attending the coming Asian Cup II in Makassar. I also invite you to come so we can communicate face to face on how to promote rowing in your own country. Of course as I promised in my election speech, I will use my networks and influence to raise funds for supporting rowing development in Asia. Furthermore a staff team of ARF secretariat is being established step by step. It will be an international and professional team and include senior and experienced practitioners from different countries. I am convinced such a high-caliber team can support me and ARF to achieve our ambitions not only for the next four years but a legacy I can leave for future ARF. I have seen we were facing many challenges. However I am confident that our joint effort will lead to a brilliant future for the rowing movement in Asia, with the shared vision of HARMONY and enduring passion for promoting rowing. Let us work together to promote the rowing in Asia shoulder by shoulder.   Best Regards Shi Wang President of ARF

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