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Asian Rowing Federation was established in 1982. It has 34 national federations and holds Asian Rowing Senior & Junior Championships, Asian Rowing Cup I & II, Asian Rowing Indoor Championships and rowing events of Asian Games & Asian Para-Games.


1. To promote the sport of rowing and the standard of rowing in Asia 2. To establish and conduct ARF Regattas, conduct, within the limits of the authority of ARF, the regattas staged at Asian Games and Asian Para-Games and support regional multi-sport Games and regional rowing championships regattas and other multi-sport competitions within Asia 3. To courage and assist in the organization of international rowing competitions among Asian countries and regions 4. To encourage the formation of national associations in countries or regions where none exists 5. To strengthen the bond of friendship among those who practice the sports of rowing in Asia 6. To do any other act or thing incidental to or connected with the foregoing objects or in advancement thereof

National Federations


Major Events

- Asian Rowing Championships (for Seniors) - Asian Rowing Junior Championships - Asian Rowing Indoor Championships - Asian Rowing Coastal Championships - Asian Rowing Cup regattas


A rising sun is in the centre with crossed oars. Surrounding the sun and oars on the upper half are the words "Asian Rowing Federation" in semicircle and in the lower half 22 rings are in chain formation. The colour of sun is bright, red, oars, chains, and words are in golden yellow colour with the background in navy blue.


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