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  • On 6th September the 2017 ARF Ordinary Congress was held successfully at Pattaya, Thailand. 5 ARF Executive Committee Members, 8 Chairs of ARF Committees and 38 Delegates from 22 National Federations attended the Congress. Furthermore, FISA Delegates Mr. Mike Tanner and Mr. Patrick Rombaut participated in the Congress as well. 1 ExCo. Members   2 Chairs of Committees   3 Delegates from NFs   4 FISA Delegates Mr. Mike Tanner and Mr. Patrick Rombaut   According to the ARF Statutes, all the items were carried out smoothly by the Congress, in which Delegates from Korea and Indonesia gave their presentation and report on future Asian rowing regattas. At the end of the Congress, Mr. Mike Tanner also delivered the updated information about World Championships Programme, 2020 Olympic Qualification System and Olympic Solidarity on behalf of FISA. 5 KOR Delegate Giving Bid Presentation   6 INA Delegate Reporting on 2018 Asian Games   7 Mr. Mike Tanner Giving Speech on Behalf of FISA  

  • From 30th to 31st March, 2017, the 2017 ARF Joint-Committee Meeting was successfully held in Beijing, China. ARF Vice President Mr. Nicholas Ee, Vice President Mr. Vahid Moradi and 38 members from 9 committees attended the meeting. FISA Executive Committee member Mr. Mike Tanner and FISA Continental Representative of Asia Mr. Liu aijie attended the meeting on behalf of FISA.   1 The meeting started with an opening speech by Vice President Mr. Nicholas Ee. 2 Ms. Yin Zhang, the Executive Director of ARF gave a report on behalf of the ARF Secretariat. In the presentation, she specifically emphasized that all committees should undertake actions to realize their plans.   3   Mr. Mike Tanner gave a detailed explanation about FISA's direction after the FISA 2017 Extraordinary Congress.   4 In the Individual Committee Meeting session, each committee had heated discussions trying to find the solutions to the existing problems and make feasible action plans for the year of 2017.   5 During the Cross-Committee Meeting session, different committees were put together so that all committees could share their ideas and look for potential opportunity for further cooperation.   6 This year, Costal Rowing Committee was newly established. In the Individual Committee Meeting, the members had lots of discussions on the format of the first ARF Coastal Rowing Championships, while in the Cross-Committee, they discussed with other committees about the possibility of hosting coastal rowing training camp.   7 In the morning of 31st March, each committee gave a presentation about their expectations, goals and action plans.   8 With the closure speech by Mr. Vahid Moradi and Mr. Nicholas Ee, it was announced that the 2017 ARF Joint-Committee Meeting came into an end. It is believed that the fruitful outcomes of the meeting will make great contribution to the future development of Asian Rowing. 9 10

  • Asian Rowing Federation President Wang Shi has facilitated the signing of a sponsorship agreement between Skyworth Group Co., Ltd. and the Indonesian Rowing &  Canoeing Federation to promote the sport of rowing in Indonesia. Skyworth is set to donate 1 billion Rupiah to the Indonesian Rowing & Canoeing Federation. The signing ceremony was held in Jakarta, Indonesia in the morning of May 25 2016. Notable guests at the signing included: Vice Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Guangdong and Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Ma Xingrui; Asian Rowing Association President, Wang Shi; Indonesian Minister Sports and Youth , Iman Nahrawi; Asian Rowing Association Vice President and former Indonesia Rowing Association President, Achmad Sutjipto; Skyworth founder, Huang Hongsheng and Chairman of the Board, Lin Weiping. 图片1 Asian Rowing Federation President Wangshi delivered a speech at the signing ceremony calling for people from all walks of life to follow and support the sport of rowing. Asian Rowing Federation Vice President, former Indonesian Rowing & Canoeing Federation President Achmad Sutjipto expressed his sincere gratitude for the Skyworth’s generosity. He also expresses that with Skyworth’s support, the Indonesian rowing team will strive to achieve better results in this year’s competitions. Indonesian Deputy Minister of Sports, Iman Nahrawi highly praised Skyworth’s sponsorship of the Indonesia Rowing Association at the ceremony and has high hopes for the further deepening of bilateral collaboration. In the afternoon of May 25 President Wangshi visited the Indonesian Rowing & Canoeing Federation and met with Indonesian Rowing & Canoeing Federation President,  Minister of Public Works and Housing Mr. Basuki Hadimulyono.   图片4 Basuki Hadimulyono welcomed President Wang Shi’s visit. He expressed his gratitude to Asian Rowing Federation for its support and to Skyworth for their 1 billion Rupiah donation. President Wang Shi introduced recent developments within the Asian Rowing and congratulated the Indonesian’s men’s rowing team for qualifying for the Olympics for the first time, while also extending his hope for the future development of rowing in Indonesia.   图片3

  • With the great efforts of Vietnam Canoeing, Rowing and Sailing Federation, the 2016 Asian Rowing Federation Beach Rowing Training Camp was successfully held from March 15th to 25th in Danang, Vietnam. The Opening Ceremony, held on the morning of March 16th and the Closing Ceremony, held in the evening of March 24th were attended by Mr. Jakarin Khrowat and Mr. Wang Ching Tang respectively, who represented the ARF and gave speeches on behalf of the Federation to all of the participants and attending guests.37728A total of 6 coaches and 50 athletes from 7 countries, namely: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam participated in the Training Camp. Two expert coaches Mr. Nikos Gkountoulas and Mr. Apostolis Gkountoulas from Greece enthusiastically shared their practical experience and theoretical knowledge of coastal rowing with the participants.38374Training was divided into two main sections: theory classes, usually held 30 minutes before departing for practice in the early mornings or late evening after diner. Most of the day time was saved for on water practice, where all participants could get to know the new environment and format of Beach Rowing. On the two final days of the camp, the teachers organized a test competition amongst the teams who displayed much competitive spirit.38642The Training Camp was successfully held under the Asian Rowing Federation’s support. Technically, the Chair of ARF Competitive Committee, Mr. Chris Perry recruited the teachers and worked with them to prepare the teaching and safety plans for the course. Financially, ARF provided 12 new boats (including 4 singles, 4 doubles and 4 coxed quad boats) and 33 pairs of oars for the camp. ARF also supported the coaches and athletes who took part with free accommodation. With the successful conclusion of the 2016 Beach Rowing Training Camp, it is believed Coastal Rowing in Asia has taken a big step forward in development, and that more participants will be seen at the upcoming 5th Asian Beach Games later this year.ATT_1458578485684_38644899501559234717136395002713831874559

  • On 22nd January 2016, the President of the Asian Rowing Federation, Wang Shi, attended the 1st round of the 2015-2016 United Arab Emirates Rowing Championships. The Championships were held in Ras-Alkhaimah, 200 kilometers to the north of Dubai. President Wang Shi said he was very happy to see the popularization and development of rowing in UAE and other Gulf countries and stressed that ARF would support the UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation in the same way as ARF has supported other members of the Asian Rowing Federation. The Championships included ten categories. The 900 meter long course was located in the mangroves, Ras-Alkhaimah Bay. It was splendid rowing weather in the mangroves with the temperature at around 15oC. Registration to compete at the Championships was open to competitors all ages, and both genders from all clubs. Rowing athletes, regardless of whether they were professional or not, could register to compete. According to statistics, there were a total of 90 athletes that participated in this year’s competition. President Wang Shi, visiting the venue of the Championships, said that he did not expect the water environment at Ras-Alkhaimah to be this good and he hoped that the UAE Sailing And Rowing Federation could raise awareness of environmental protection, protect the local water and mangrove ecosystems while also promoting rowing. The Championships attracted a large number of exceptional rowing enthusiasts at home and abroad. One such enthusiast is Mostafa Maha, from the Alhamriyaj sports club. She is not only a police officer at Dubai Airport, but also a mother to four children. Even though she has a busy schedule, she still tries her best to squeeze out the time to participate in training and competitions. This time she took part in four events, women’s single sculls, women’s double sculls and mixed quadruple sculls. There were also Mr. Giancarlo and Ms. Nicole, father and daughter from Italy, both of who were current members of the Dubai rowing team. Such examples were not rare; local UAE rowing clubs had a considerable number of foreign members, especially at clubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There were also 6 open club teams and 10 police officer rowing teams from UAE taking part in the Championships. Both the Chairman of UAE Sailing And Rowing Federation, Mr. Sheik Khaled Bin Zayed Al Nehayan and the Chairman of UAE Rowing Committee, Mr. Aaref Al Haranki expressed their intent to host 2017 ARF regattas. The Director of Bahrain Rowing, Isa Yousi, told President Wang Shi the national rowing team of Bahrain was being formed and the NOC of Bahrain has already officially approved the formation. He also mentioned that he would bring the national rowing team of Bahrain to take part in the 2016 Asian and Oceania Olympic Qualification Regatta, which would be hosted from 23rd to 25th April 2016 in Chungju, Korea. President Wang Shi stressed that the most vital thing in rowing is teamwork and rowing is a sport that can teach the importance of teamwork. It is also an activity that is suitable for people of all ages, regardless if you are a teenager or senior citizen. On the morning of 22nd January, shortly before the competition started, President Wang Shi completed a 1.5-hour rowing training session beside the mangroves. By doing so, practicing this great sport, he was promoting Asian Rowing and encouraging Gulf countries to be more active in participating in world and Asian rowing events.ws2ws1President Wang Shi had group photos with athletes and coaches.ws3President Wang Shi completed a 1.5-hour rowing training session beside the mangroves.

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