• President Wang Shi’s Visit to the Para-Rowing Training Camp in Jiashan

  • Asian Junior Rowers Racing in Wuhan, China

  • First ARF Joint Committee Meetings Finished in Wuhan, China

  • ARF Development Committee Visiting Cambodia

  • President Wang Shi’s Visit to the Para-Rowing Training Camp in Jiashan

  • Asian Junior Rowers Racing in Wuhan, China

  • First ARF Joint Committee Meetings Finished in Wuhan, China

  • ARF Development Committee Visiting Cambodia

  • The Asian Para-Rowing Training Camp has been in full swing since July 25th and will be continued to September 21st. Para-Rowing athletes from Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE and China have gathered at FOHO Water Sports Center in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province to get training to improve their performance, and athletes from Korea will also join them in September 10th.Disable 6In the afternoon of August 23rd, Mr. Wang Shi, President of Asian Rowing Federation, together with Mr. Li Quanhai, President of Chinese Rowing Association, and Mr. Zhang Dan ARF secretary-general arrived at FOHO Water Sports Center. The Group visited the training venue and expressed warm greetings to the coaches and athletes who were participating in the Asian Para-Rowing Training Camp.disable 3Besides the pontoon in the training venue, Mr. Wang Shi delivered his warm welcome to the participating teams by a speech, in which he also expressed his encouragement for them. Meanwhile, through the statement of modern Olympic spirit, he also emphasized the universality of Rowing Sport and called for the wide participation in it. In Asian Rowing Federation, there are Six Committees guided by ExCo. Members respectively, and Para Rowing Committee is the one directly monitored by Mr. Wang Shi. In the speech, he also called for more attention to rowing people with disabilities.Disable 5As promised, Mr. Wang, after being elected as the president of ARF, has dedicated himself to development of Asian Rowing. With his efforts, the Para Rowing Training camp has been held successfully, which lay a solid foundation for para events which are added in 2015 Asian Rowing Championships for the first time in history.disable 7disabled

  • The 21st Asian Rowing Junior Championship was held successfully during July 4th to July 7th on Honglian Lake, Wuhan, China. This year's ARJC has 10 events, 174 athletes and officials from 11 countries and regions participated in this year’s Asian Rowing Junior Championships. On the evening of July 3rd, officials and athletes joined the opening ceremony at E’zhou Hengda Hotel. President Wang Shi appeared on the event and gave a welcome speech to all the participating party and presented a prize of appreciation for the organizing committee. In the morning of July 4th, President Wang Shi and all other four VPs toured the venue and watched the heat race. On the afternoon, the Executive Committee members had the 2015 first ARF ExCom Meeting. The first ARF joint committee meeting was held later on July 6th and 7th.Rowers02 During the first two days of the race, ARF’s partner --- WWF, held an exhibition booth at the race court to promote the idea of water protection and calling for protection of endangered aquatic animals. It was the first WWF’s activities embedded in ARF’s regular event after the signature of MOU earlier this March.Rowers03 The finals for all ten events were conducted on the afternoon of July 6th and 7th. China crew led the medal table with five gold medals among ten events and a silver medal from men’s double scull. Thailand won the first place for women double scull; Uzbekistan crew and Kazakhstan claimed the championships for men’s junior squad and men’s double squall respectively. All teams received fruitful result and precious experience from the races.Rowers04 For detailed result for all events and pictorial information about this championship, please refer to the result page and 2015 ARJC Album

  • During the final two days of 2015 Asian Rowing Junior Championships, the first ARF Joint Committee Meetings was successfully held at Wuhan, China with fruitful outcomes. 24 members from six committees' came from 12 different countries to participate in this meeting.  On the first day, on behalf of ARF Executive Committee, ARF Vice President Mr. Nicholas Ee gave a welcome speech to all committee members and briefly introduced the procedure of the joint committee meeting. On behalf of President Wang Shi, Mr. Nicholas Ee announced three appointments approved by Executive Committee —which are Ms. Yin Zhang (CHN) as ARF Executive Director, Ms. Xiaoxuan Bao(CHN) to the Marketing and Promotion Committee; and Mr. Zhijun Yong(CHN) to the Para-Rowing Committee. Ms. Zhang had done a lot detailed work for the ARF Secretariat and will take the responsibility of leading the ARF Secretariat and help support the function of ARF. Ms. Bao is an elite marketing manager in Vanke Company and a lover of sports. Mr. Yong is the deputy Secretary General of Chinese Disabled Persons' Federation and an active member of Para sports not only in China but also in Asia. The Executive Committee believes that appointments of them will be contributive to the development of rowing sports in Asia. image002Followed Mr. Nicholas Ee' opening speech, Ms. Yin Zhang made an activities report and explained the past ARF work from the perspectives of President's Action, Secretariat Work and Committees Operation status.  Later after a short break, individual committee meeting was conducted and then cross-committee meetings were arranged. On the second day, after a short period of discussion, each committee gave a presentation about their goals, action plan and help may be needed from other committees. All members actively participated in the presentations and it helps ARF drawing a clear picture of what we wish to accomplish and where we are heading to. image003This is the first time ARF had invited all committee members to come together and have cross-meeting with other committees to seek potential cooperation and stimulate the mutual development of different committees. It is a great platform for different voices and a great chance to spark new ideas about development of rowing sports. It is pleased to announce that the original intention of holding the Joint committees meeting is achieved under the mutual efforts of all members.

  • Chairman of ARF Rowing Development Committee, Admiral Chainarong CHAROENRUK and his team paid a visit to Phnom Penh and Cambodia during May 9th-10th. During the meeting with Cambodian NOC executive committee members, General TEM Moeun, Cambodian NOC 2nd vice president and Director General of Sport, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport Mr. OUK Sethycheat and Cambodian NOC Secretary GENERAL, Mr. VATH Chamroeun, ARF development committee group introduced the rowing sport. The Cambodia officials demonstrated great interest in becoming a national member and developing rowing sports within Cambodia. The Cambodian NOC officials will conduct further negotiation with Cambodia Canoeing Federation (CCF) after the visit. They will set up training center for rowing in the Cambodia sport center at Kampot province. Cambodian NOC officials and ARF Development committee members also discussed about how to recruit athletes and coaches as a country that never has rowing experience before and brought up the potential training opportunities in Thailand and China. This trip laid great foundation between ARF and Cambodia. Leading by President Wang Shi, all committees are working together as a team to promote the development of Rowing in Asia. cambodia2


2015 The Asian Rowing Junior ChampionshipsWuhan, China4-7 July 2015

1X 2X 4X 2- 2+ 4- 4+ 8+
Junior Men's Event 6 Event 4 Event 10 Event 9 Event 3
Junior Women's Event 1 Event 7 Event 5 Event 2 Event 8

Race 20: Junior Women's 1x 2000m

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Lane 3Xiaoman Liu



Lane 4Remika Yoshida



Lane 6Maryam Karami


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