• ARF Development Committee Visiting Cambodia

  • Pull at Pattaya -- 2015 Asian Rowing Indoor Championships

  • President Wang Shi Participated in Doha GCC Beach Game

  • CCTV5+ Race Event Web Article

  • ARF Development Committee Visiting Cambodia

  • Pull at Pattaya -- 2015 Asian Rowing Indoor Championships

  • President Wang Shi Participated in Doha GCC Beach Game

  • CCTV5+ Race Event Web Article

  • Chairman of ARF Rowing Development Committee, Admiral Chainarong CHAROENRUK and his team paid a visit to Phnom Penh and Cambodia during May 9th-10th. During the meeting with Cambodian NOC executive committee members, General TEM Moeun, Cambodian NOC 2nd vice president and Director General of Sport, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport Mr. OUK Sethycheat and Cambodian NOC Secretary GENERAL, Mr. VATH Chamroeun, ARF development committee group introduced the rowing sport. The Cambodia officials demonstrated great interest in becoming a national member and developing rowing sports within Cambodia. The Cambodian NOC officials will conduct further negotiation with Cambodia Canoeing Federation (CCF) after the visit. They will set up training center for rowing in the Cambodia sport center at Kampot province. Cambodian NOC officials and ARF Development committee members also discussed about how to recruit athletes and coaches as a country that never has rowing experience before and brought up the potential training opportunities in Thailand and China. This trip laid great foundation between ARF and Cambodia. Leading by President Wang Shi, all committees are working together as a team to promote the development of Rowing in Asia. cambodia2

  • The 12th Asian Rowing Indoor Championship took place at the Ambassador Hotel, Pattaya, Chonburi during 25-26 April 2015. 91 rowers from 12 national federations including China, Japan, Republic of Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Chinese Taipei, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Thailand, actively took part in this year’s indoor championship. The Vice President of Asian Rowing Federation, Mr. Nicholas gave the opening speech to all athletes on the first day of ARIC this year. And on behalf of ARF, the Executive Director, Ms. Yin Zhang gave a delicate shell model provided by our sponsor Kanghua Boat Company, to Admiral Chainrong CHAROENRUK as a thank-you gift for the excellent host work by the Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand (R.C.A.T.). aric 2015 Another point worth noticing is that this year, the amount of competition events increased to ten, which means we introduced four more new events compared to the six routine events of former ARF annual indoor rowing championships. We hope that with the introduction of new indoor rowing events, more rowers from Asia can participate at ARIC in the coming year. The detailed race schedule and result for each event: Saturday, 25 April 2015 Women's Lightweight Individual 2000m 1st place: Miss.Phuttharaksa Neegree (Thailand) 7.18.3 minutes (break the current Asia’s record of 7.22.51 minutes, set by Chika Miyata (Japan) on 18 March 2013 in Hong Kong) 2nd place: Sahoko Kinota (Japan) 7.25.4 minutes 3rd place: Boyeun Ku (Korea) 7.25.9 minutes Men's Lightweight Individual 2000m 1st place: Mr.Jaruwat Saensuk (Thailand) 6.24.40 minutes (break the current Asia’s record of 6.29.6 minutes, set by A.KUDRYASHOV (Uzbekistan) on 7 March 2014 in Doha, Qatar) 2nd place: Daiki Abe (Japan) 6.25.1 minutes 3rd place: Fanpu Lyu (China) 6.26.0 minutes Lightweight Mix Four Sprint 500m 1st place: Mr.Prem Nampratueng,Mr.Porntawat Inlee, Miss.Sawittree Laksoongnoen, Miss.Phuttharaksa Neegree (Thailand) 1.34.0 minutes 2nd place: Yi-an Hua , Tsung-han Hsieh , Meng-hsin Lee, and Wen-chuan Hsu (Chinese Taipei) 1.34.8 minutes 3rd place: Miss.Matinee Raruen, Miss.Parisa Chaempudsa, Mr.Jaruwat Saensuk , Mr. Pichakorn Puangpet (Thailand)  1.35.0 minutes Women's Open Individual Pairs 2000m 1st place: Shiho YONEKAWA (Japan) 6.49.9 minutes (break her own  Asia’s record of 6.55.71 minutes on 18 March 2013 in Hong Kong) 2nd place: Kyoko Kazusa (Japan) 7.09.40 minutes 3rd place: Julianti Julianti (India) 7.13.50 minutes Men's Open Pairs 2000m 1st place: Ming-hui Wang and Chia-han Wu (Chinese Taipei) 6.14.5 minutes 2nd place: Ryochi Ishida and Makoto Okayama (Japan) 6.17.5 minutes 3rd place: Om Prakash and Rajesh Varm (India) 6.21.0 minutes Sunday, 26 April 2015 Women's Lightweight Pairs 2000m 1st place: Phuttharaksa Neegree, and Sawittree Laksoongnoen  (Thailand)  7.30.5 minutes 2nd place: Sahoko Kinota and Ryoko Norichika (Japan) 7.35.0 minutes 3rd place: Meng-hsin Lee and Yi-an Hua (Chinese Taipei) 7.39.2 minutes Men's Open Individual 2000m 1st place: Hyejong Jeon (Republic of Korea) 6.08.8 minutes 2nd place: Ming-hui Wang (Chinese Taipei) 6.11.3 minutes 3rd place: Edwin Ginanjar Rudiana (Indonesia) 6.11.8 minutes Women's Open Pairs 2000m 1st place: Shiho Yonekawa  and Kyoko Kazusa (Japan)   7.05.5 minutes (break the current  Asia’s record of 7.06.01 minutes, set by Japanese team on 19 March 2013 in Hong Kong) 2nd place: Cai-xuan Huang and Yi-ting Huang (Chinese Taipei)  7.35.0 minutes 3rd place: Miss.Rojjana Raklao, Miss.Krittiya Harirak (Thailand)  7.51.0 minutes Mixed Fours (2 men and 2 women) All weights 1st place: Ryochi Ishida , Makoto Okayama , Shiho Yonekawa, and Kyoko Kazusa (Japan)1.29.5 minutes 2nd place: Yi-ting Huang , Chia-han Wu , Cai-xuan Huang, and Ming-hui Wang (Chinese Taipei)1.30.0 minutes 3rd place: Hyejong Jeon , Byunghoon Kim, Minha Shin, and Boyeun Ku (Republic of Korea)  1.33.1 minutes

  • ARF President Wang Shi paid a visit to GCC 2nd Beach Game during April 2nd-3rd. It is the first time that coastal rowing entered Game level in Asia. Athletes from the Gulf Cooperation Council, namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates actively participated in this new entry. The coastal rowing event lasted for two days with double sculls in the first day and single sculls in the second. For men’s double scull, Kuwait took gold, followed by the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. For the men’s single sculls on the following day, United Arab Emirates crossing the line first, with Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia following. The addition of coastal rowing into Beach Game, called for attentions of rowing sports among GCC countries. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain set up rowing team for this game. Most rowers in Saudi Arabia’s rowing team came from kayak sport while team members from Bahrain were mostly from Navy and kayak sport. Both teams showed great interest in coastal rowing and their coaches indicated confidence that their rowing teams will become stronger in the following year. The success of this new rowing event brings hope of further rowing sport development in West Asia Region. This trip also triggered President Wang Shi’s interest in developing coastal rowing in other Asian countries and introducing the joy of coastal rowing and sculling to more water-sport lovers in Asia. arf4

  • On April 11th, the Chairman of Asian Rowing Federation Mr. Wang Shi joined CCTV5+ as a guest commentary for the 161st Boat Race between Cambridge University and Oxford University on Times River. It was the first live broadcast for Chinese television station about the Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford. The broadcast started from 11 p.m. on April 11th and last until 1 a.m. the next morning. Both the men and the women crew of the Dark Blue (Oxford) beat the Light Blue (Cambridge). This year is also the first time that the women’s boat race was held in the same day and took the same course and the men crew. The triumph of Oxford rewrote the record of the boat race from 78 win for Oxford to 79 win and 28 win in the women's boat race to 29 win. However, the Cambridge Crew still holds the record of total 81 wins in the boat race since 1829. The whole race was hard and exciting and Oxford Crew finished 6.8km and winning Cambridge Crew by 20 seconds in a time of 17:34. cctv1 Note: All the broadcasters that conducted live broadcast of boat race this year.  


2015 Asian Rowing Indoor ChampionshipsPattaya, Thailand25 - 26 April 2015

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Men's Race 1 Race 5
Women's Race 2 Race 6
Lightweight Men's Race 3 Race 7
Lightweight Women's Race 4 Race 8

Race1 :Men's 2000m

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Lane 5Hyejong Jeon


Chinese Taipei

Lane 4Ming-hui Wang



Lane 11Edwin Ginanjar Rudiana


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