• World Water Day: A Combination of Rowing Sport and Environmental Protection ——Alxa SEE Ecological Association and Asian Rowing Federation Joined Hands Together on the World Water Day Forum 22nd March, Shanghai, the well-known environmental protection institution in China, Alxa SEE (Society of Entrepreneur and Ecology) held a public benefit activity on the Chinese water resource named “Water and Sustainable Development Forum”. As the cooperation partner, the Asian Rowing Federation held the sub-forum “The Rowing and the Protection of the Water Resource”. The Asian Rowing Federation Chairman, Wang Shi, delivered the opening speech. The guest speakers, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Yangtze River Conservation Project expert Jiang Yong and International Rowing Federation development advisor Ken Lee also made applause-arousing speeches. Alxa SEE Ecological Association is the first public character Institution which takes social responsibilities as its own duty, composed of the entrepreneurs, and devoted to the environmental protection. Confronting with the deteriorating water crisis, the institution appealed to everyone to pay more attention to the local mother rivers, and to take the water crisis as a big issue of concern. The forum invited more than a hundred officials and leaders from a number of organizations and institutions, including UNESCO, WWF, IPE, MCF, MAB, EDF, CECC, the H2o-China Net, the Shanshui Conservation Center, the Asian Rowing Federation and the Alxa SEE Ecological Association. The forum participants had extensive and in-depth discussions on topics such as the trends of Chinese water management policies, water and the sustainable development of the enterprise, the operating status quo and prospect of the application of PPP in water resource management, the water strategies of the enterprise, and the enterprise and the public welfare concerning the water, etc. Sports and environments are both indispensable parts of human being’s health and survival. The alliance achieved between sports and environmental protection this time represents not only the promotion of rowing that brings people closer to the water, but also an embodiment of the unity of man and nature. Sports represent the health and the sustainable development, so does the environmental protection. Hence in its nature, to promote the sports and the environmental protection are for the same goal, namely, the common course of the development of human health. Following the Strategic Alliance Agreement signed in Shanghai on 15th, March, here at the forum the ARF and the WWF accomplished another cooperation between sports and environmental protection. What is noteworthy is that the leading role this time is the Chinese entrepreneurs’ environmental protection institution —— the Alxa SEE Ecological Association. And it is this institution that provides with the first solution. The ARF Chairman, Mr. Wang Shi, also an accomplished entrepreneur, announced that, “Water sports like rowing would bring people much closer to the water, and they are among the best ways to convey the ideas of environmental protection. In the future, the ARF will promote the ideas and cases that may clear the water under the pressure of introducing and conducting rowing races in China. And this is also the clearly chartered course for the ARF and the WWF to cooperate.” (The Alxa SEE Ecological Association, founded and sponsored by over a hundred of Chinese entrepreneurs on 5th, June, 2005, is an environmental protection institution. The membership-based non-government and non-profit institution is the first one to take social responsibilities (S) as its own duty, composed of entrepreneurs (E), devoted to protect the ecology of the earth (E). The 80 initiation entrepreneurs of the institution promised that in a consecutive ten years, every one of them would invest 100,000 every year to alleviate the dust storms in Alxa. And to take it as the start line, they would continue to commit themselves in the course to promote the harmony between people and nature, between people and society, and between people and people.)

  • ShanghaiDaily, By Ma Yue, March 19, 2015, Thursday http://www.shanghaidaily.com/sports/ARF-WWF-join-hands-to-boost-sport/shdaily.shtml THE Asian Rowing Federation reached a partnership deal with the World Wildlife Fund in Shanghai recently, with the two sides joining hands to promote the sport of rowing and call for better water environment protection. “This is a combination of different resources,” said Wang Shi, ARF president and chairman of China Vanke Co Ltd. “Asian countries like Japan and Singapore have been doing well in water environment protection. ARF provides a platform for communication, and we can use WWF’s strength to help China and other Asian countries to learn from these pioneer countries.” According to Wang, 35 countries in Asia have rowing federations, and a series of water environment protection promotions will be held when ARF stages rowing competitions or related activities in the member countries. The WWF will get involved in the construction of rowing competition sites in Asia, supervise the water condition, and collect data for its future plan to draft an environment friendly standard for sports activities. Wang picked up rowing nine years ago. As a visiting scholar of Cambridge University, he launched a rowing club with Chinese entrepreneurs there. “China’s market is ready for rowing, an environment-friendly sport that emphasizes team spirit. There is a world renowned rowing competition between Cambridge and Oxford, while China’s Tsinghua University and Beijing University also held rowing contests before,” Wang said. “This is a cooperation between a sports organization, WWF and an enterprise. I and my firm benefited from the country’s industrial transformation, and taking part in environmental protection and promoting sports, like rowing, is my way of paying back.”

  • Wang Shi: Rowing as a Way to Promote Water Conversation —ARF Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with WWF   On the 15thof March, 2015, Asian Rowing Federation (ARF) signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with World Wildlife Fund (WWF)in Shanghai. Wang Shi, president of ARF, and Mark Lamborghini, global director-general of WWF, witnessed this very moment. This agreement opened up a new way of cooperation between Asian sports and water conservation. Both sides will utilize their respective resources so as to integrate, interact, and collaborate with each other. The promotion of rowing in Asia will also be used as a platform to improve people’s awareness of water conservation in more and more cities, as well as to accelerate the establishment of new standard concerning aquatics. This agreement covers three parts. Firstly, establishthe cooperation platform concerning rowing and water conservation. Secondly, establish a standard of aquatics which is environmentally friendly. WWF will be involved in the construction of sports fields from a professional perspective, in charge of optimizing the sports environment, establishing the database of rowing, taking down the scale of the sports fields and the quality of water, so as to lay a solid foundation for ARF to spread the concept of environmentally friendly sports. Thirdly, disseminate the idea of “Water Conservation” together, as well as promote the rowing competition to be held in Asian rivers, which can serve as a way to publicize the idea of water protection in Asia. At the signing ceremony, Mark Lamborghini said, “we should create a kind of future in which people can live in harmony with nature, a future in which people can row in a clean river. There will be birds flying over and fishes swimming beneath it.” Wang Shi remarked, “because of environmental organizations’ participation in the Olympics, which has very positive impact, we were thus able to enjoy the blue sky in Beijing during that period. Environment organizations have really made a difference.” The agreement signed by WWF and ARF reflects the direction that Asian sports is heading towards. It is also towards this direction that China can hope to accomplish cultural resurgence.   Rowing as a Way to Connect Sports and Environmental Protection Rowing is originated in River Thames, England, enjoying a history of more than two hundred years. It is a kind of sport which is environmentally friendly andinternational, which can also build up teamwork spirit. The rowing competition which is most well-known is the one between Oxford and Cambridge, dating back to one hundred years ago. In China, Peking University and Tsinghua University once held rowing competition against each other. Wang Shi, chairman of ARF holds the belief that China has already reached the point to promote rowing. In China, urbanization has been progressing smoothly to a certain extent and a great many people are interested in rowing. It is difficult for rowing to become as popular as that of ping-pong and football in China, but in this country, as long as there is some portion of people who are fascinated by rowing, it is enough because of the large population base. Sports and environment are basics that enable people to live a healthy life. It is wonderful that the cooperation between sports and environmental protection is established. While rowers are rowing, it is as if they resemble the integration between human beings and nature. Rowing stands for health and sustainable development, so does environmental protection. Therefore, the promotion of sports and environmental protection is itself a matter concerning people’s healthy development.   Wang Shi, a Pioneer as the Chairman of ARF In September 2014, Wang Shi, chairman of the board of directors of China Vanke Co. Ltd., was elected the chairman of ARF, whose term of office is from 2014 to 2018.He is the first Chinese chairman of aninternationalsports organization who is himself not a sportsman but an entrepreneur. Wang Shi is a fan of rowing. Starting from the time when he was studying in Harvard, rowing is the only sport which he keeps practicing, even up to now. At present, Wang Shi is a visiting scholar at Cambridge. Not only does he participate in the rowing training on campus, he is also the initiator of Deep Dive, a Training Camp covering rowing, which is specialized for Chinese entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur rather than a sportsman, what Wang Shi will do as the chairman of ARF attracts a lot of attention. This agreement signed by Wang Shi is one of his actions. Wang Shi said, “China is in need of cultural resurgence and this should be carried out in many ways. We sincerely hope that promoting rowing is one of the ways towards cultural resurgence, which can make a wonderful symphony together with other approaches.”           Appendix: WWF Founded in 1961, World Wildlife Fund is an environmental organization of great renown. It aims at protecting the biodiversity, guaranteeing the sustainable use of natural resources, and diminishing pollution and wasteful consumption. WWF has a tender relationship with China starting from WWF’s contribution to the conservation of panda and its habitat in 1980. WWF is the first NGO invited by Chinese government to operate in China. ARF Founded in 1982, Asian Rowing Federation is an organization which promotes rowing in Asia. At present, there are 33 member countries in Asia. Founded in 1892, FISA (International Rowing Federation) is the first sports federation all over the world. FISA is dedicated to engaging in sporting events around the world. It also maintains close touch and cooperation with other international sports federations and organizations.  

  • Wang Shi Came to Oriental Cambridge Promoting Rowing and Rowing Spirit Wang Shi Asian Universities Tour "Rocked" Chinese University's Business School. On March 14th, 2015, Wang Shi, board chairman of China Vanke, came to Hangzhou China for his Asian Universities Rowing Tour- Hangzhou Station cooperating with School of Management EMBA Education Center of Zhejiang University, and gave a speech entitled Rowing And The Entrepreneurship. It's the first time that Wang Shi has given the public speech in Chinese University after being elected as the President of Asian Rowing Federation, attracting thousands of EMBA students of Zhejiang University and people from industrial and commercial industry. Rowing Is The Body Language of World Universities. Rowing has a history of more than 200 years, originating from River Thames, the United Kingdom. It is an environmental, healthy,team spiritual and international sport. The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race which has continued more than a century is most well-known. The rowing race between Harvardand Yale is held every year. In China, Tsinghua University and Peking University have also held rowing contests before. Wang Shi, President of Asian Rowing Federation, thinks it is the time to promote rowing sport in China. China's urbanization has reached a certain level that a lot of people already have the demand for rowing. Despite rowing cannot achieve its popularity as Ping Pong and soccer do, a relatively less popular sport can also develop more than a million enthusiasts in China. He thinks universities are the best soil to develop rowing sport. For example, Oxford and Cambridge boat race has lasted for more than a hundred years. China has the best rowing competition ability in Asia, which has laid a solid foundation for promoting rowing sport. Wang Shi went to Asian Universities Tour to promote rowing as President of Asian Rowing Federation In 2013, with the recommendation from Water Sports Administration Center of State General Administration of Sport, Wang Shi, board chairman of China Vanke was elected as the Vice President of Chinese Rowing Association. On Sep 25th, 2014, after 33 federations’ votes, Wang Shi with the highest votes was elected as the President of Asian Rowing Federation, serving from 2014 to 2018, becoming the first non-athlete elected president of continental sports federation in China. Wang Shi himself is a fan of rowing. He began to learn about rowing in 2005, and supported Shanghai Vanke to establish 7 enterprise rowing crews. After he went to study in Harvard in 2010, rowing is the only sport he has continued doing. At present, while Wang Shi is continuing his research as the visiting scholar in Cambridge University, he not only joined the university crew’s rowing training, but also launched Chines entrepreneurs'deep-dive camp. As an entrepreneur, not an athlete, how he plans to promote rowing has attracted a lot of attention from the public. This speech in Zhejiang University's business school is the first event that has been held after the election, which was widely noticed. Wang Shi University Tour, Rock and Row, 14 Cities According to Shen Yihan, member of Marketing and Promotion Committee ofthe tour's sponsor organization,Asian Rowing Federation, the Asian Universities Tour is defined as Rock and Row-Rowing and The Entrepreneurship. Rock as stone, refers to Wang Shi’s name. Row refers to rowing. Rock and Row has the similar pronunciation to rock and roll, which means Wang Shi will be like the rock star, attends the lecture tour in 14 cities where gathers a lot of universities and has the potential for sports, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and also Xian and Wuhan where rowing is popular. When asked why Wang Shi chose Zhejiang University as the first stop in the universities tour, Shen Yihan answered as follows. First of all, it has a historical significance to start from here. Because Rowing originates from the United Kingdom. President Wang Shi is now studying in Cambridge University and will go to Oxford next. Zhejiang University is known as Oriental Cambridge, which makes a historical meaning to be the first stop of universities tour of rowing promotion. Secondly, Zhejiang Province has a very good condition for water sports. Fuyang has the largest base for producing rowing boats in the world. The rivers and lakes here provide a positive geographical condition for promoting rowing.  In the end, Hangzhou VankeCrew is one of the earliest rowing crews that has been established under the influence of Wang Shi, and has been keeping contributing to rowing promotion till now. Hangzhou is also the first city to have formed nongovernmental rowing clubs.


2015 Asian Cup I - Marine Bay Singapore11 - 14 Mar.

1X 2X 4X 2- 2+ 4- 4+ 8+
Men's 1 6
Women's 7
Lightweight Men's 2 4 8
Lightweight Women's 3 5

12:40 12/March/2015 Race1 :Men's 500m

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Lane 3360 - Artyom



Lane 4194 - Aung Ko, Min



Lane 6204 - Nestor, Gordova

1X 2X 4X 2- 2+ 4- 4+ 8+
Men's 9 14 18
Women's 15
Lightweight Men's 10 12 16
Lightweight Women's 11 13 17

12:30 14/3/2015 Race9 : Men's 1x 1000m

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Lane 3487 - Yakovlev, Vladislav



Lane 2360 - Artyom



Lane 5547 - Abubakir


WWF and ARF signed an agreement to form a strategic alliance in Shanghai, China on March 15th, 2015. The alliance intends to promote water sports and sustainable water resource protection and management by establishing innovative Sport Conservation partnership.