• 2016 International Water Sports Summer Camp-July 15-28, Beijing-Hangzhou-Shanghai, China

  • 2016 ARF Beach Rowing Camp Success March 15th–25th, Danang, Vietnam

  • First Round of North-South China Masters Regatta Successfully Close in Hong Kong

  • 2016 World Rowing Indoor Sprints is Coming

  • 2016 International Water Sports Summer Camp-July 15-28, Beijing-Hangzhou-Shanghai, China

  • 2016 ARF Beach Rowing Camp Success March 15th–25th, Danang, Vietnam

  • First Round of North-South China Masters Regatta Successfully Close in Hong Kong

  • 2016 World Rowing Indoor Sprints is Coming

  • To promote the Asian Rowing development, the 2016 International Water Sports Summer Camp will be open on 15th July in Beijing, China. The two-week tri-city summer camp is the first of its kind, where Chinese, American and other Asian teenager students will learn skills together of rowing, dragon boating and other water sports from professional coaches and will develop teamwork spirit in splashing races on the 2008 Olympic venues. They will visit the Tiananmen Square, discover the ancient Chinese history from the Forbidden City and the Great Wall in Beijing, will enjoy the exquisite West Lake and the inspiring tour and water sports at the Thousand Islands resort, and will experience the rapid modernization, vigorous economy and diversified social life in the mega city of Shanghai. An educational experience with great fun in water sports. An innovative learning from endless discovery and sharing. A rare chance to make close friends across the ocean. And a cultural journey inspiring your mind and brain. Come and join us at the 2016 IWSSC in China! Organized by: Beijing Shangzhou International Rowing Co.Ltd. Beijing Shunyi Water Sports Association Supported by: China Rowing Association (CRA) US-China Council for International Exchange, Inc. (USCCIE) International Fund for China’s Environment(IFCE) Camp Location: Shunyi Olympic Rowing Park, Beijing, the venue of the water sports of the 2008 Olympic Games. Campers: Students between 16-18 of age, interested in water sports and Chinese culture and history. Price: Please contact us for details if you are interested. Application time: May 20-June 20, 2016 Contact us: From the USA, please contact Miss Tian Peng Project Manager, IFCE 2421 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Washington, DC 20037 Tel:202-822-2141 E-mail:tianpeng@ifce.org,akatian@hotmail.com From Asian, please contact: Miss Qiaoying Qiu  Project manager Beijing Shangzhou International Rowing Co. Ltd. No. 9, Baima Road, Shunyi District, Beijing Tel.:12717780929  E-mail:22511626@qq.com For detailed information, please land on www.arfrowing.org or http://www.ifce.org Itinerary Day 0 7/14 DC-Beijing Meet at Dulles International Airport at Washington DC Fly to Beijing International Airport Day 1 7/15 Beijing AM: Arrive in Beijing PM: Check in at five-star Jinbao Hotel www.jbhyhotel.com Evening:Welcome dinner Day 2 7/16 Beijing AM:Summer Camp Opening Ceremony,learning water sports safety and skills PM:Great Wall (Mu Tian Yu) Day 3 7/17 Beijing AM: Water Sports Training Session 1, Rowing PM: Tian An Men Square and Forbidden City Day 4 7/18 Beijing AM: Water Sports Training Session 2, Kayaking PM: Water Cube, the Bird Nest, and China’s Science Hall Day 5 7/19 Beijing AM: Water Sports Training Session 3: Dragon Boat PM: Niu Lan Shan High School in Shun Yi, cultural exchange with Chinese high school students Day 6 7/20 Beijing AM: Water Sports Training Session 4: Rowing and Dragon Boat PM: Summer Palace Day 7 7/21 Beijing Participation in International High School Student Rowing Regatta Day 8 7/22 Beijing AM: Participation in International High School Student Rowing Regatta Evening: Mid-camp party Day 9 7/23 Beijing-Hang Zhou AM: Leave Beijing with Bullet High Speed Train PM: Visit the West Lake in Hang Zhou Evening: Watch music show, rest in Thousand Island Lake Resort Hotel Day 10 7/24 Hang Zhou AM: Water Sports Training Session 5 PM: Visit Thousand Island Lake Day 11 7/25 Hang Zhou Splash on Water and final regatta on Thousand Island Lake, with delicious special food, and local culture of Southeast China. Day 12 7/26 Hang Zhou - Shanghai AM: Head to Wu Zhen – Oriental Venice PM: Head to Shang Hai Day 13 7/27 Shanghai Day: Visit Oriental Pearl Power Night: Gala on a ferry on Huang Pu River Day 14 7/28 Shanghai - DC Leave Shanghai for Washington DC Note: The above schedule might be partially revised due to weather and unexpected situations.  

  • With the great efforts of Vietnam Canoeing, Rowing and Sailing Federation, the 2016 Asian Rowing Federation Beach Rowing Training Camp was successfully held from March 15th to 25th in Danang, Vietnam. The Opening Ceremony, held on the morning of March 16th and the Closing Ceremony, held in the evening of March 24th were attended by Mr. Jakarin Khrowat and Mr. Wang Ching Tang respectively, who represented the ARF and gave speeches on behalf of the Federation to all of the participants and attending guests.37728A total of 6 coaches and 50 athletes from 7 countries, namely: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam participated in the Training Camp. Two expert coaches Mr. Nikos Gkountoulas and Mr. Apostolis Gkountoulas from Greece enthusiastically shared their practical experience and theoretical knowledge of coastal rowing with the participants.38374Training was divided into two main sections: theory classes, usually held 30 minutes before departing for practice in the early mornings or late evening after diner. Most of the day time was saved for on water practice, where all participants could get to know the new environment and format of Beach Rowing. On the two final days of the camp, the teachers organized a test competition amongst the teams who displayed much competitive spirit.38642The Training Camp was successfully held under the Asian Rowing Federation’s support. Technically, the Chair of ARF Competitive Committee, Mr. Chris Perry recruited the teachers and worked with them to prepare the teaching and safety plans for the course. Financially, ARF provided 12 new boats (including 4 singles, 4 doubles and 4 coxed quad boats) and 33 pairs of oars for the camp. ARF also supported the coaches and athletes who took part with free accommodation. With the successful conclusion of the 2016 Beach Rowing Training Camp, it is believed Coastal Rowing in Asia has taken a big step forward in development, and that more participants will be seen at the upcoming 5th Asian Beach Games later this year.ATT_1458578485684_38644899501559234717136395002713831874559

  • On 28 February 2016, the first round of the North-South China Masters Regatta came to a successful close in Shatian, Hong Kong. This two-day competition attracted over a hundred competitors from 14 domestic Chinese clubs and also drew a large group of local spectators to the rowing course.arf1This round of competition was organized in accordance with international Masters rules and had the following events: M4x, W4x, M8+, which were then divided further into three classes. The course was 1000m long and a minimum age limit was enforced requiring all competitors to be at least 27. All competitors who met this requirement were sorted in one of the three categories according to their age. arf2Asian Rowing Federation President Wang Shi not only attended this regatta, but also lead in person the International Brothers team, which was comprised of international competitors from the UK, Germany, France, and Korea, to take part in a friendly rowing race.arf3By the end of the competitions, teams from the Deep Dive Rowing Club, Shanghai Qingpu Water Sports Youth Club and Xiamen Rowing Club each won the Masters Cup in the M4x, W4x and M8+ events respectively. arf4arf5arf6

  • Race 1,000 meters on the Concept2 Indoor Rower (Model A-E rowers only, no Dynamic or indoor rowers on Slides) at your club, gym, school or home March 11-13, 2016. You can find more information about the event from below website: http://www.worldrowing.com/events/2016-world-rowing-indoor-sprints/event-information Or on the Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1500261933614771/ 9


2016 FISA Asia & Oceania Continental Olympic Qualification RegattaChung-ju, Korea22-25 Apr 2016

1X 2X 4X 2- 2+ 4- 4+ 8+
Men's Event 2
Women's Event 1
Lightweight Men's Event 4
Lightweight Women's Event 3

Race 31: Men's 1x 2000m

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Lane 4Dongyong KIM



Lane 5Dattu Baban BHOKANAL



Lane 6Memo MEMO


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