• 2016 Asian Rowing Federation Coaches Conference

  • 2016 ARF Asian Rowing Master Regatta

  • 2016 ARF Joint Committee Meetings in Jiashan, China

  • 2016 ARC Daily Results

  • 2016 Asian Rowing Federation Coaches Conference

  • 2016 ARF Asian Rowing Master Regatta

  • 2016 ARF Joint Committee Meetings in Jiashan, China

  • 2016 ARC Daily Results

  • The Asian Rowing Federation Annual Coaches Conference will be held in Xiamen, China from 18 to 23 October 2016. We are delighted to have secured five  world-class coaches as keynote speakers. It takes place in conjunction with the Chinese National Rowing Championships, China Cup and ARF Masters regatta.   The Asian Rowing Federation will offer 5 nights free board and accommodation for a maximum of two coaches from each ARF members for the period from after 13:00 on 18th October (check-in) to before 13:00 on 23th October (check-out). Please note the following:   1.Federations are encouraged to nominate participants who are actively involved in coaching in their countries or intending to become coaches. 2.Federations are also strongly encouraged to nominate female as well as male coaches. 3.Participants are responsible for their own international travel costs. 4.Any extra nights or meals are at the participant's own expense: 100$/night/single room, 80$/night/double room plus entry fee: 80$/person 5.Applicants requiring visa invitation letters should notify OC: fjphsgao@163.com, Chinese Rowing Association (chnrowing@sina.com) and CC to the ARF office by deadline 4th Oct. OC, CRA and ARF cannot be responsible for late visa applications. 6.Local transport will only be provided from Xiamen International Airport.   Please do not miss this great opportunity to meet and share the experience of some of the top coaches in the world!     Introduction of 5 Lecturers   Mr. Josy Verdonkschot (NED)   Josy is currently Head Coach of the women's programme in the Netherlands and his lightweight women's double won the gold medal at the recent Olympic Games in Rio, and set a new Worlds Best time earlier in the year. His women's quad also took a silver medal in Rio. He previously coached the gold medal winning lightweight women's double scull at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and is known as one of the most successful women's coaches in the world.   Mr. Johan Flodin (NOR)   Johan is currently Head Coach of the Norwegian Rowing Federation and coached two medal winning crews in Rio -  the men's double scull of Olaf Tufte and Kjetil Borch, and the lightweight men's double of Brun and Strandli. He was selected as "2013 World Rowing Coach of the Year" and has also previously worked with the Swedish National Team, notably coaching World Champion sculler Frida Svensson.   Mr. Terry Paul (CAN)   Terry is a former Olympic gold medal winning coxwain, and is currently National Men's Development Coach in Canada. He has also previously been in charge of the Canadian Under-23 and non-Olympic programs. In 2006, he coached the Under-23 men's eight to a gold medal and the senior coxed four to a silver medal at the World Championships, and in 2008 coached the Canadian men's pair to an Olympic silver medal in Beijing. He has also worked in the US and with the Swiss National Team.   Ms. Jutta Lau (GER)   China National Head Coach for Women Rowing   Jutta is a former Olympic gold medal winning rower for W4X in 1976 and 1980 Olympics. She was Germany National Head Coach and coached 8 Olympic Gold Medals and tens of other World Rowing Gold medals. She coaches China National Rowing Team for W1X to win Bronze Medal in Rio Olympics     Mr. Nathan Cohen(NZL)   China National Technical Coach for Women Rowing   Nathan is awarded Legion of Merit by New Zealand to honor his great performance in rowing. He is the gold medal winner for 2012 London Olympics and 2010/2011 World Rowing Championships He is the China National Technical Coach for Women Rowing since 2015.     bulletin-for-2016-arf-coach-workshop entry-form-for-2016-arf-coach-workshop bio-of-5-lecturers

  • To promote Master Rowing development, ARF has set up the Master Rowing Committee chaired by Mr. Wu Ji ning(CHN) with members of Mr. Yoshihiko TABATA(JPN), Ms.Alia Qali(KUW), Ms.Homa Hosseini(IRI) and Mr.M.Balaji(IND) in 2016.   Master Rowing Committee submitted a proposal to organise 2016 ARF Asian Rowing Master Regatta in XiaMen, China on 22 and 23 Oct. The attachment is the detailed bulletin and entry form approved by ARF Ex.Co.   Welcome to participate in 2016 ARF Asian Rowing Master Regatta in XiaMen Please send entry forms to OC: 522759201@qq.com and CC to ARF: office_arf@sports.cn:   entry-form-for-armr asian-rowing-master-regatta-1  

  • On 7th September, 2016, the 2016 ARF Joint Committee Meeting was successfully held at Jiashan, China. 27 members from eight committees participated in this meeting. On behalf of ARF President Wang Shi and Executive Committee, ARF Vice President Mr. Vahid Moradi gave a welcome speech to all committee members and briefly introduced the procedure of this-year ARF Joint Committee Meeting. dsc_8171_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac Next, Ms. Yin Zhang, the Executive Director of ARF made a detailed work report for the ARF Secretariat. She emphasized the importance of the cooperation between Secretariat and Committees in all ARF activities and looked into the direction of the future joint efforts of Secretariat and Committees. %e5%9b%be%e7%89%871 Further more, the Individual Committee Meetings and Cross-committee Meetings were conducted. Within each committee, committee members had a chance to get more familiar with each other. Then, different committees gathered together and discussed about the potential opportunity for future cooperation. Newly established committees: Masters Rowing Committee and Sport Medicine Committee took this opportunity to get close to other committees and for the first time played their roles in Asian rowing development. dsc_8179_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac In the closing section, each committee gave a presentation about their accomplishments, goals and action plans. However, there were still some challenges to be faced with. Even though after two years of cooperation all the committees had been working smoothly, some of the committee members remained inactive. Therefore, based on the proposal from some committee chairs, it was commonly agreed that building a complete mechanism for committee member replacement was necessary. By this ARF could make sure that more passionate and active members can work in committees and the work of committees can be more efficient.   With the ending speech by Mr. Moradi, it was announced that the 2016 ARF Joint committees meeting was successfully finished. It is believed that the fruitful outcome of the meeting will make great contribution to the future development of Asian Rowing. 1%e4%ba%9a%e8%b5%9b%e8%81%94

  • Please refer to the attachment for 2016 Asian Rowing Championships Daily Results.   9.9, 2016: r1   r2  r3  r4  r5  r6  r7  r8  r9 r10 r11 r12 r13 r14 r15 r16 r17 summary1  resluts-list-9-after   9.10, 2016: r18 r19 r20 r21 r22 r23 r24 r25 r26 r27 r28 r29  result-10-summary  result-10-summary-after   9.11, 2016: r30 r31 r32 r33 r34 r35 r36 r37 r38 r39 r40 r41 r42 results-summary-11   9.12, 2016: r44 r45 r46 r47 r48 r49 r50 r51 r52    


2016 FISA Asia & Oceania Continental Olympic Qualification Regatta

Chung-ju, Korea22-25 Apr 2016

1X 2X 4X 2- 2+ 4- 4+ 8+
Men's Event 2
Women's Event 1
Lightweight Men's Event 4
Lightweight Women's Event 3

Race 31: Men's 1x

Detail >

South Korea

Lane 4Dongyong KIM



Lane 5Dattu Baban BHOKANAL



Lane 6Memo MEMO


Race 33: Women's 1x

Detail >

South Korea

Lane 4Yeji KIM



Lane 5Mahsa JAVAR


Chinese Taipei

Lane 3Yi-Ting HUANG


Race 34: Lightweight Men's 2x

Detail >


Lane 2Man SUN, Chunxin WANG



Lane 4Hiroshi NAKANO, Hideki OMOTO


Hong Kong

Lane 5Hin Chun CHIU, Chiu Mang TANG


Race 35: Lightweight Women's 2x

Detail >


Lane 4Ayami OISHI, Chiaki TOMITA


South Korea

Lane 3Yoo Jin JI, Yuri CHOI



Lane 6Thi Thao PHAM, Thanh Huyen TA


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